Segment your customer base,
automatically and in real-time, using
statistically relevant customer behavior and predictive signals.



Schedule and trigger coordinated
interactions through your existing marketing
channels—email vendors, internal CMS,
mobile apps, print, etc.



Increase the performance and impact of
your future customer interactions, powered
by algorithms that learn and adapt from
past campaign results.


Integrate Quickly &

Thanks to our developer-friendly API, you’ll see
results from your first campaign within days, not
months. Build, manage and update every aspect of
your campaign without having to ask for data
science or engineering support.


Grow Your Business –
We’ll Scale with You

Our cloud-based platform is built to communicate
with hundreds of millions of customers. Free your
engineering and IT teams to focus on your core
product, and let us scale your marketing


Improve Targeting with
Retroactive Data

Automate segment creation based on customer
behavior that occurred during past stages of the
customer lifecycle, then sit back and watch them
update as you learn more about your customers.
All without requiring ongoing instrumentation or
IT resources.


Prioritize Messaging Without
Scheduling Constraints

When customers qualify for multiple campaigns, make
sure your highest value messages aren’t diluted by
general outreach. We offer campaign prioritization and
frequency capping features to determine a messaging
strategy for each customer that will have the greatest
impact on your KPIs.


Orchestrate Sequential
Messaging Across Channels

Engage users with personalized messaging through
their preferred channels—email, mobile, print, etc.—with
the intelligence to coordinate and optimize interactions
throughout your entire ecosystem.


Track Your Success with
Customized Reports

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. We help you
identify and track which interactions are driving your
KPIs, then use that information to automatically optimize
your campaign results to help meet your business goals.


Start Sending Data
Within Minutes

Connect to our simple API to start sending data
from anywhere in your ecosystem in a small fraction
of the time it takes to integrate other leading solutions.
Kick off your first campaign after integrating just a few
data points.


Scale to Hundreds of
Millions of Customers

Our cloud-based platform provides massively
scalable infrastructure, designed to communicate
with hundreds of millions of customers, with nothing
for you to update, monitor or maintain.


Reduce Ad Hoc Requests from
Marketing and Product Teams

Your marketing and product teams can build and
continually refine advanced customer segments
while aggregating and comparing historical event
data without ever asking for your help. They can
also build sophisticated queries or update message
content directly through our web interface, without
needing a single line of code or SQL.


Support Cross-Channel

Connect to a variety of marketing channels—email,
mobile, print, etc.—without any custom code and nothing
to maintain, regardless of which delivery providers
you use. We also connect to so you can send
your data to all your favorite analytics and marketing
tools with a single integration.

Use Your Existing Delivery
Providers & Channels

We integrate with all the top delivery providers
so you can continue to use the vendors you
know and trust. We simply add a layer of logic,
intelligence and automation.

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If we don't help drive incredible results,
we haven't earned our keep.


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